Monday, November 11, 2013

Makeup Monday : Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics

Being blonde and a natural blonde I may add (never dyed or highlighted my hair) I have been blessed/cursed with almost invisible eyebrows. Blessed because I have never once had to tweeze or wax my eyebrows. Cursed because I slightly look albino and those beautiful thick eyebrows that frame a face so nicely, I do not have. Quite recently especially in photos my eyebrows literally have disappeared. I decided enough was enough and I should try shading in my eyebrows. I have always been nervous to do anything with my eyebrows because I just envision my eyebrows looking like my Halloween costume. I was going to buy a MAC eye shadow in Omega or something from the Anastasia line but I heard that Benefit came out with a new product called Gimme Brow. For some reason I thought it was just a set of eye pencils and eye shadows but when I investigated I found out it's a brow-volumizing fiber gel. I thought it was so cool and I figured it looked pretty damn easy, especially for a newbie like myself. 

This looks like a mini mascara and all you have to do it lightly brush this over your natural eyebrow and it creates a bigger and slightly darker look. I love this because it gives a very natural look and its so easy to use. The fiber gel literally extends and builds more hair for your eyebrows. Check out my photos below and get ready to be blown away.



Voila! Finished product!!

I am in love with this product. I was even rushing this morning and still successfully did my eyebrows without any mistake or mess!! I purchased the light/medium colour obviously but they also have medium/deep available. You can even build or keep it very natural depending on the colour your going for. It also lasted all day but was still easy to take off at the end of the day. Anyone that wants a little bit more colour, shape or volume this is perfect :)

-Sydney xo


  1. i feel the exact same way being a natural blonde so a couple months ago i tried gimme brow and it is amazing! needless to say how quick it is, I can't possibly think of a better brow invention!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. I completely agree!! It's so easy and I can make it dark or lighter so easily :)

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