Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makeup Monday : Kate Moss Lipsticks by Rimmel

Yes, Makeup Monday on a Tuesday again, I'm sorry. I really need to organize myself because by the time I get home from work its dark and the quality of the photos are awful.

Last week Shoppers Drug Mart had Kate Moss lipsticks on sale and I've been meaning to purchase some more. One of my favourite YouTube beauty vloggers Zoella is in love with these lipsticks, so I always love to try out her favs. I only have one and to be honest I haven't properly tried it. It's a very bright orange so I thought I should take advantage of the sale and grab some more fall/winter colours. 

I picked up Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick in 01 and 09. 

09 which is on the left here, is a gorgeous berry colour and 01 on the right, is a burgundy red. 

01 to be honest wasn't my favourite colour. I thought it didn't do much for me and washed me out a bit. I also did try this on when I was having a "I feel ugly day" so that could also be the reason haha. I also think because these aren't as matte as I'm use too,  they should be paired with a lipliner to really define them and keep them from running out of the lines.

09 has quickly become one of my favourite colours. It's definitely in my top 5 favourite colours now. I absolutely love to pair this colour with my MAC More to Love lip pencil. I never wear lip pencils because I feel with my super matte lipsticks it's unnecessary. However, because these lipsticks are more moisturizing I think a lip pencil keeps the lipstick from running or smudging off your lips. 

This is what the 09 and the More to Love look like together!! (excuse the poor quality iPhone photo)

-Sydney xo

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