Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skin Care Saturday : Fragrance Free Body Lotions for Winter

Skin Care Saturday : Fragrance Free Body Lotions for Winter

Clinique body moisturizer
$39 -

Aloe Body Butter Shop By Range
$21 -

I have very dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin, especially in the winter. In the summer my skin has no problem with any lotion or body wash, but when the temperature drops my skin completely changes. Lush and The Body Shop are two of my favorite places to buy skincare products, but recently anything that's fragranced completely dries up my skin and makes my whole body itchy. I decided enough was enough and researched fragrance free lotions. I was shocked to only find one lotion from Lush and The Body Shop that was fragrance free. I understand both companies are all about their yummy smelling lotions but I thought some were naturally fragranced or something!? 
I currently have about 8 body butters from The Body Shop in my drawer, but of course not one is the fragrance free Aloe Body Butter. I will have to put my other lotions on hold and try the aloe one for now. 
I have also been a lover of the Dream Cream from Lush, which is specifically for eczema skin. I loved it but I do remember itching my skin sometimes after using it. I'm very excited to try out the Coco Lotion. 
 I have also been a true fan of Clinique for years. The entire line is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Which is probably the reason why their face moisturizers are my absolute fav. I am currently using the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisturizer and I'm loving it. I use to buy this all the time when I was younger so going back to it was a nice reminder on what I've been missing.  
The other two, First Aid Beauty Face Moisturizer (although you can use it on your body) and the Bliss Body Moisturizer have been creams I've wanted to try out. I have heard great things about both, so I'm very curious to see how they are.
I will make sure I try out all of these and check back on which one was my favorite and which one really helped me the most. I never really needed a fragrance in my lotion because sometimes it can compete with my perfume I wear, so I'm A okay to go fragrance free.

-Sydney xo


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