Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday

NIKE logo hoody

NIKE activewear

NIKE bra top


Adidas moisture wicking socks

These are some workout gear items I'm eyeing down at the moment. I did purchase the Adidas sports bra and socks. However, when my package arrived I received my socks and an Adidas pullover sweater!? They sent me the wrong thing and I was so disappointed. I returned the pullover to my nearest Sportchek and thought maybe they would have the sports bra available in store. They didn't have any, but I figured no big deal I will just re-order it online. By the time I got home and was set to put my order through once again, my size was sold out. I was so aggravated, I called and they said they would probably get more stock within a week. I've been checking back everyday hoping that a small comes back in stock. Last night I decided maybe I should just order a medium, so I went to Sportchek to try on medium Adidas sports bras to see if the fit would be ok. I think the medium is a bit loose but not awful. I figured I should still wait because you do want a sports bra to be tight to really support the "girls".
While I was at Sportchek trying on sports bras I caught myself in the clearance section and picked up a few things. Both of these are definitely summer workout attire but I figured for the amazing price I will hold it until then. 

The Nike shirt was $20 and would be great on its own or under a coat or sweater. The Adidas running shorts were only $14 and I only have one pair of running shorts, so these are ideal. The socks were $18 for a pack of six. Socks aren't the most exciting thing ever, but for me they are. The only type of socks I own in my house are long dark socks, so I always struggled finding short socks for running. 

I will keep you updated about the Adidas sports bra. I get weirdly determined about things and I'm determined to own this sports bra haha 

Have a great Wednesday :)

-Sydney xo

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