Sunday, November 10, 2013

Workout Gear

I've been wanting to make a post about this for a while so I've been taking photos of myself before any type of workout. I will be completely honest though I only just started working out again within the past few weeks. I decided to bring you all along with my workouts and show off my workout gear of course. I'm a fashion blogger so anything I wear is important.
I use to hard core work out last winter. I joined a gym and was going probably 4 times a week.  I always love to feel that burn when I do go to the gym but overall I wasn't completely dying with my workouts. I was so disappointed when I started bulking up. I've always had a naturally flat stomach and I started gaining weight in my stomach area. I wanted to tone and slim my butt, but it was getting bigger. Yes, everything was toned but certain pencil skirts didn't fit anymore because my butt grew. I totally was defeated and stopped working out.
The past few months I have had a lot on my mind and I figured I might as well put my mind else where and start to workout again. Working out last winter really helped with my sleeping, anxiety and skin so I figured working out again will obviously be a positive thing.
The main areas I would like to change would be my butt and thigh area. I hide this area well, but it is a wee bit bigger then I would like. I know certain people may like it (Men) but it`s always been something I've struggled with. The last thing would be to tone up my arms. I am the weakest person ever and I just want to tone it up to have those sexy arms for photos.
Believe it or not I was extremely athletic growing up. I was in every sport and I was pretty darn good too (tooting my own horn). Long distance running was my specialty so working out has never been a struggle for me. I've just become lazy so getting to actually workout was the difficult part.
I started off the past few weeks with just walks every morning or night. It was easy, but cleared my mind and a good nature walk was beautiful. I would try to go for an hour walk because apparently that equals a 30 minute run. Then I started running throughout my neighborhood and then every night or morning I had some exercises I would do in my room. Arm workouts with a 5 pound weight (my arms are beyond weak) squats, lunges, sit ups. Sometimes I would use my stair stepper that my mom swears by. My mom has had 5 children and all she has every used is her stair stepper and walks at night. It has toned everything from her butt, to shins, to abs.
Keeping up with this workout, eating healthier and stopping my over eating (its bad) I've already seen a huge difference. I forgot how amazing your skin looks the day after a workout. I get amazing sleep now, no tossing and turning. I've lost 5 pounds and I feel areas tightening already.

I love to workout in my Lululemon Avenue Pant which you can find (here) a nice roots sweater and my absolute favorite Nike Free Run Runners which you can find similar ones (here)

This Luluemon jacket is great for my walks in the fall/spring. Find a similar one (here)

I obviously make sure I match with my shoes, by picking out a pink headband, great for any outdoor workout. No makeup, dirty hair and I wish I had some eyebrows haha

This Lululemon long sleeve shirt is wonderful for any workout, you can find one similar (here)

Here is my look for today, workout gear!!

 I've decided I`m going to make a Workout Wednesday post every week. I will post things like my workout gear, new workout routines or even some new healthy eating choices.

Let me know if you have any other things you would like me to post about!!?

-Sydney xo


  1. love it! lululemon is my fave workout gear! i have a pair of their leggings that are great for working out but also work great as leggings to style with an outfit!

    -ariel* xoxo

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