Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December

December is here and that means Christmas is in 24 days!!!
Being a fanatic for holidays I'm so pleased to give you all the reasons why I love December and what I'm looking forward to in December!!

1. Advent Calendar Is it bad I ate my first one yesterday!?

2. Bringing out all my Christmas mugs I have a problem.

3. Putting up the Christmas Tree 

4. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Tuesday, December 10th.

5. Make an even better Hot Chocolate bar this year (Last Years)

6. Egg Nog. I will be living off this drink for the next month.

7. Michael Buble's Christmas Special - Wednesday December 18th

8. Christmas Movies

9. Wrapping Presents

10. Christmas Music I can listen to Christmas music all day and night and not get sick of it.

Those are my top 10 favourite things I love to do and I'm looking forward to in December!!

What is your favourite thing to do in December!?

-Sydney xo


  1. awe i love this post! so many christmassy things I love! your mug collection is amazing! i've been in full on Christmas mode lately!

    -ariel* xoxo