Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Goodies from Santa

Here is a continuation of some other little gifts I received from my family and friends :)

I'm not sure if its just my family, but we get so excited for stockings. "Santa" would always bring our stockings to our room in the middle of the night and when we woke up we would all jump on someones bed and dump out everything we got. My siblings and I have all said we would be ok with stockings and no presents. This is my stocking this year :)

It's a tradition in my house to always have a Terry's Chocolate Orange in our stocking. I love the chocolate and concept of how to open and eat one. There has also been times where I've wanted to buy one on my own for a treat, but I always stop myself knowing it will make Christmas morning that much more special by saving it.
I tried to find these EOS Christmas lip balms for my friend last minute but they were sold out everywhere. I'm so glad Santa got me one ;) 

Today couldn't be any better, it's been snowing all day :)

I will make sure to have these reviews on Makeup Monday!

Every year we all get Christmas pjs or Christmas slippers/socks :)

I have a mug obsession, my family and friends know me well!!

Giant chocolate wrapped to look like a candy. Cute!!

I already mentioned these boots were an early Christmas present, which you can find more information about on my Toronto Christmas Market post!

My family is almost finished cooking dinner and I'm going to "try" to eat something. Having the flu during Christmas blows!!

What was your favourite gift from Santa this year!!!?

-Sydney xo

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