Sunday, December 1, 2013

You got that Medicine I Need

Here is my look for today!

Ever since the fall its no surprise I love to wear big coats and sweaters. However, sometimes they aren't the most flattering, so I started wearing form fitting dresses and skirts underneath. I love the contrast of the super slim outfit underneath so you can show off your body, but still look comfy and appropriate with a big open sweater. This look is great for work and something I have been rocking a lot this fall. This coat is super big, so I decided to wear my Jacob dress which is extremely fitting up top. The hood was also perfect for a day like today, because it shielded me from the slight rain we had.

Dress : Jacob
Boots : Topshop
Nylons : American Apparel
Coat : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)
Pearl Ring : (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC Riri Woo

-Sydney xo


  1. Amazing coat! Love your lipstick :P

  2. What an elegant coat and such a beautiful you :) So especially enjoyed that shot of your lovely legs in those tights. So gorgeous! Wonderful post!

  3. you are so beautiful!

  4. Love your look! <3