Monday, December 2, 2013

Makeup Monday : How to Beat Dull Winter Skin

I don't know about you but when the winter hits everything turns dull, including my skin.  With my skin no longer reaping the benefits of the sun, everything looks tired and dull. Working out and drinking lots of water helps, but still somehow I end up looking in the mirror and hating how my skin looks. I've decided this year I want to look fresh and awake all year long, and these two products have worked wonders.

This is beyond amazing. I use this as my concealer, highlighter and foundation. 
In the summer this was pretty much all I would wear. It's light but still conceals and gives you a natural highlight. It's fantastic. In the summer if I was going to a cottage and wasn't wearing much makeup I would through this in because this is all I would need. Its also amazing in the winter. I will put this on in the morning and it instantly brightens my skin and eyes. I no longer (or most of the time)  have dark, tired eyes. 
Something I would definitely recommend in the winter is a primer before applying your makeup. My skin is usually dry and adding a primer helps glide the makeup on nicer. I would recommend Benefit POREfessional.

This is how I would normally apply it. Along the upper cheek bone, down the sides of my nose and a smudge on my chin, depending on how clear my face is that day. I simply blend it in with my ring finger and I'm good to go. I normally don't like wearing a full heavy foundation so this is all I need. I also love to swipe this right under my eyes before putting my bottom mascara on because it brightens my eye right up. Even after my mascara dries I may swipe a bit under or throughout the day to just keep my eyes bright. I wear the colour ivory.

The last touch to my face before leaving the house now is this highlighter. It has a bit of bronzer in it and the highlighter is gorgeous along the cheek bone. After applying the Dream Lumi then putting this on top, it is seriously a winning combination. 

My friend Beverley who I hung out with all last week noticed something was different with me when I put these two together. She thought my eyes looked amazing and brighter. I would like to thank these products for helping me get through my dull winter face.

It's very subtle which is what I like about it, but this is how it would look like.

-Sydney xo