Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Workout Wednesday : Back to Basics

How did everyone enjoy the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night!? I get excited to watch it every year and it definitely did not disappoint. I did think the music was all right, some years they have jam packed amazing performers. But the costumes and models were stunning as usual.
I decided today to make sure I had a workout Wednesday post considering I saw tons of girls saying they were hitting the gym today after watching the show.
I wanted to do a quick post about my basic workout routine I like to do in my room in the morning or at night. I hate going to the gym because I think it's pointless to drive to a gym when I can just do everything in the comfort of my own home. I will admit I'm still paying for a gym membership which I am not even using, how stupid of me. I have a workout room in my basement..half storage..half workout room but I thought by buying a gym membership it would help motivate me to actually go because I'm paying for it. It did at the start, but when I started "bulking" up I gave up and haven't been to the gym in about 4 months. Yikes.
I will cancel it eventually but for now here are the steps I like to do at home. I try to go for an hour walk or a run either in the morning or night and then I like to get these cardio workouts in.
I'm not very fancy when it comes to working out, I went back to the basic workout steps and these have worked wonders.

I like to start off my workout with 5 pound weights in each arm and do a classic lunge. 3 sets of 12 and alternating from each leg. This honestly kills my butt and leg area, and I love it!!

I also want to quickly say sorry for the awful photo quality. I've come to realize photos inside just don't work so my next workout Wednesday posts will be outside.

Next, I like to start my mat workout with an old fashion leg lift.
This kills and you can make it more challenging on yourself as you go. 

Make sure you lift your legs all the way up but when bringing your legs down (slowly) make sure to not touch the ground and lift them back up again. I usually do 3 sets of 12. 
If you want it more challenging you can always keep your legs close to the floor without touching and hold it there for as long as you can. You can sure feel the burn.

I usually will do both leg lifts and just regular sit ups but if I'm having a lazy day I will do one of them.
With sit-ups I usually will do 100.

  I didn't get the proper photos for you, for my arm workouts, so I will have some photos from Women's Health Magazine.
With my arm workouts I keep it simple as well. I can only use 5 pound weights because I may be the weakest person out there but I will get to 10 pounds one day!!
This is as simple as I get with my arm workouts.
Again 3 reps of 12.

Lastly, I will always end a workout with a 60 second plank.
This is the most satisfying burn ever!!! 

After I collapse I always stretch it out and that is how basic and somewhat simple my daily workouts are. Then of course I will make sure I fit in a run or long walk to get my heart rate up and that is it!
I felt when I was going to the gym before I was pushing myself too much and was using to many machines and thats how I started "bulking" up. I think sometimes simple steps that people have been using for years is just as good.
Within the last few months I've lost almost 10 pounds and started to really tone. With these simple workouts, a nice run, eating healthy and drinking tons of water, this is how I achieved that. 
I still want to work on the side of my stomach and to still tone up my arms and legs more, but I can see progress and that makes me a happy girl.

In the next week or two for my Workout Wednesday post I will share with you my healthy eating habits!!!

Happy working out :)

-Sydney xo