Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Plaid Coat

Here is my look for today!

I was looking through my moms closet the other day when I came across this old plaid coat. I've been looking for plaid like this for so long and I couldn't believe this coat was sitting in her closet without me knowing. It was a little big on me but then again most of my sweaters and coats are on me. I kept the rest of my outfit simple because this is a true statement coat and I didn't want to outshine the plaid. I did however, add a funky necklace with the coat. I've never worn a necklace outside on my coat, but I thought why the heck not? Kinda cool, kinda strange, I like it :)

Coat : Tyte 
Boots : Topshop
Leggings : American Apparel
Necklace : Cocoa Jewelry
Bag : Holt Renfrew (Value Village)
Sunglasses : (Salvation Army)

Lipstick : MAC - Riri Woo

-Sydney xo


  1. Love the necklace and plaid combo, I like the necklace styled on top of the coat. Great post.


    1. Thanks Sarah I'm so glad you liked how I styled the necklace :)

  2. That necklace could have been attached to the coat, that is how well they work together. Sincerely thought they were one piece instead of two. And, oh wow dear, those tights :)


    1. Great so glad you liked it Shamu :)
      I wasn't sure how well the necklace would look!