Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wherever there is you, I will be there too

Here is my look for today!

This would be an everyday casual outfit for me, for work. Whenever I have a sweater I love to give more detailing to it by adding a collared shirt underneath to showcase the collar. With this sweater I usually wear this white with blue striped collar but considering its the holiday season I brought out my blouse with the cherry red collar. 
I also just need to talk about how obsessed I am with this bag. I got this bag from The Loft, which is a boutique I'm helping run this year. The Loft moved it's location in April and the previous store had items that were slightly for older ladies The owners daughter came in and made it a bit trendier and younger. However, we still have bits and bobs of items from the old store and from time to time the owner will bring in some pieces that we can sell. The other day she brought this bag in and I freaked when I saw it. I think she thinks I'm crazy because she described it as a picnic basket. I just loved it!! I thought the picnic basket look was adorable, and it slightly reminded me of a vintage Chanel. Not to mention mini purses are definitely the latest fad. This little guy reminded me of the mini Hermes bags that are everywhere right now. The long strap came with it, which makes it better in my books and the clear handle on it is just amazing. Some of you may think its the ugliest thing ever, but I sure love it.

Jeans : Mavi (The Loft)
Blouse : Pink Martini Collection (The Loft)
Bag : (The Loft)
Boots : Aldo
Sweater : O'Annah (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC Riri Woo

-Sydney xo

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  1. Your little pick-a-nick basket is adorable and chic all at once. Very tough to manage. Really like the pop of color coming from under that cool sweater. But, most of all, that skin is so wonderful and your hair just brilliant. Lovely, lovely woman :)