Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party + DIY

It's officially holiday season where everyone is having ugly Christmas sweater parties! I wanted to show you my ugly Christmas sweater and some ways you can make your outfit even better.

Leggings : Jacob
Watches : (Value Village)
Sweater : Knitter Julia (Value Village)
Boots : Aigle (Value Village)
Blouse/Collar : Pink Martini (The Loft)

Lipstick : MAC Riri Woo

I'm sure many people have done this before but I thought it would be cute to add bows to a headband to really make my outfit scream Christmas. 
I bought some bows for my boots and headband and ended up going with the mini bows for the headband. I also bought this cheap headband from Dollarama which I ended up hating because it has the combs through the headband and it makes that mark on your hair. I hate it, but I figured I will wear it once.
I used crazy glue but in the end it didn't work and using the natural sticker at the back worked perfectly.
I had planned to put bows all over my boots but in the end I loved the simplicity of the single bow at the top of the boot :)

-Sydney xo


  1. You look so adorable. That ribbon crown is solid gold, dear. So cute. Wonderful outfit and great ideas.

  2. Very cute Christmas outfit you have created!