Monday, December 9, 2013

Makeup Monday : My Favourite Mascaras

Today for makeup Monday I decided to let you in on my ultimate favourite mascaras. I have gone through numerous and I'm sure down the line I will find some more favourites, but these two are my current ones.

I had heard wonderful things about this mascara so of course I had to try it. Some people swear by the waterproof version for everyday, but I personally hate waterproof unless I'm jumping in the water. I thought the non waterproof worked fabulously and it gave such volume to my eyelashes. I had some misconception about rubber mascaras thinking they weren't as good as a natural brush, but I loved this one. Now my two favourite mascaras are both with a rubber brush.

I can't even tell you how much this mascara has been hyped about, and it completely makes sense why. The first time I tried this mascara I was shocked with what it did to my lashes. I already have really long top and bottom lashes and this really showed them off and extended the length by a huge amount. 

I usually use two different mascaras at a time and these two work wonders together. The Maybelline one gives me volume and the Benefit one gives me the length. The end result is wonderful and  makes my eyes look ginormous. 

You can tell from the brushes that the Maybelline one is more for volume (because of the fat brush) and the Benefit one is more for lengthening (because of the long brush).  Best of both worlds when combined.

Here is a shot from my I can be your china doll post where I'm wearing both mascaras together. You can really see how long and bold my eyelashes are with these mascaras.

If you don't want to spend $30 on the Benefit mascara then the $7.99 Maybelline will do just fine :)

-Sydney xo


  1. your lashes look fabulous in the pic! my sister tried the rocket and she loved it, I tried they're real but it didn't work for me! i know it's a major cult fave tho!

    -ariel* xoxo

    1. Oh good I'm glad your sister liked it!!
      With the Benefit one I was amazed when I first tried it and my second tube didn't seem as great at the start? The more I used it however, the better it got?? Doesn't make sense to me but eventually it was as I remembered it the first time.
      Hopefully if you try it again it will work out, or just try the Maybelline one :)